Bernie Hogya

art director/creative director




I’m an art director/creative director with years of experience creating and producing television, digital, social and print advertising for big and small brands alike. Over the years I’ve developed successful campaigns for a wide range of advertisers including Atkins, Chrysler, Exelon, GMC, Merrill Lynch, Minolta, Novartis, UNICEF, the Foundation for a Better Life and the Islands of the Bahamas.

An assignment.

One day, I was asked to help rebuild a brand that had seen a 23% drop over the previous 30 years. Other advertising campaigns had been mounted through the decades, but none was able to arrest the decline. The product was milk. And my idea was to photograph celebrities with milk mustaches to educate consumers on the positive benefits of milk.

A phenomenon.

Quickly becoming a part of pop culture, the milk mustache campaign’s success led me to co-author The Milk Mustache Book (a New York Times Best Seller) and Milk Mustache Mania. My milk mustache ad featuring Bart and Lisa Simpson is on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., just a few steps from the Star Spangled Banner.

A track record.

I have a B.F.A. from Kean University where I am the recipient of their Distinguished Alumnus in Business Award. Along the way I’ve collected a pile of creative awards. Not being a namedropper I wouldn’t think of citing Effie, Andy, Clio, One Show, Art Directors Club, Communication Arts and the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

I’m at peak form running a creative group (nothing leaves my office unless it’s great), leading a new business pitch (I’ve won more than my fair share), presenting work to clients (passion sells and I exude it), mentoring young creatives (the thank you cards keep coming), or rolling up my sleeves and doing it myself. I can draw, comp, typeset, retouch, edit, mix, code a website, and serenade you on guitar. But nothing gets my heart beating faster than creating something new and wonderful. It’s that feeling we all got when we were kids and opened up that new package of clay. I still have that feeling every time I get a new assignment. What can I make for you?